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Elizabeth de Lorimier
The FloweringGoddess
Welcome to The FloweringGoddess. I am delighted that you are here! It is my wish to offer support to you in the opening of your most beautiful Self-allowing it to come forth with joy, ease and grace, so that you can shine your Light and your innate gifts with the rest of the world as you were always meant to.

As the mysteries of the Universe are unfolding, our planet is moving through its glorious Awakening. Through this rebirthing process of Self, it is more important than ever to tend to our Inner Being, cultivating our awareness and living from the heart. When we align with our Spirit, we awaken to the dreams of the Soul.

One of the most enchanting ways I found to come into alignment with our Higher Self is through the use of Flower Essences. These Divine Gifts from nature are Light-filled elixirs for the Soul-with each flower radiating its own unique traits to help with our healing process. It must be remembered that Mother Earth wants nothing less than to share her bounty with you and through her Flower Essences she does so by offering the life-force along with the energetic blueprint of each flower, which then imprints its Divine information into the water that you consume.

The essences can be taken in many ways-most commonly under the tongue with a dropper or sipped with water throughout the day. The Flower Essences absorb into our energetic field and work similarly to crystal energy. Each essence that is used helps to bring to the surface and integrate any issues or old beliefs that the body is carrying that is blocking our Soul's Highest potential. The benefits are seen most profoundly over time as they help us to clear away anything short of Love. With that in mind, the more you experience the Flower Essences, the more Light-filled you will become, keeping your vibration at a high level frequency.

Read about my flower essence offerings here. I look forward to sharing these genuinely Divine gifts from nature with you. Thank you again for stopping by.

Sending Love and Light your way,

Embrace Your Self. Shine Your Light. Share Your Gifts.
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